Troop 124: Internet Policy

Troop 124 web site provides a common source of information for scouts, parents and interested individuals. The Troop Committee appoints an adult leader as web master who is responsible for the web site. The web master assists boys who maintain the site and monitor all content. The site is constructed with Dreamweaver software and documents will be posted primarily in Word format, and when necessary (scanned or electronic forms), Adobe Acrobat (PDF).

The following policies should be considered to protect the privacy of all individuals and to control the content of the site.

1. All content shall be of an appropriate, Scout-like nature.

2. No advertising or other commercial content is permitted, except as it relates to scouting activities. Links to appropriate commercial sites are permitted.

3. Full names of Scouts will not be published, including only first name and last initial. No contact information (phone, email, etc.) will be published for any scout.

4. All e-mail regarding the site will be directed to an address monitored by the web master.

5. The web master will review all updates to the web site prior to posting.


Policy concerning the content of this web site.
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